Long Island Qi Holistics offers classes and holistic wellness programs based in the TQH system, a method developed in Thailand which integrates the dual wisdoms of Medical Qigong and locally inhereted “dhamma,” the Buddhist science of mind. Core to our approach is the in-depth study of personal alignment. Through motion, we build awareness of the habitual body posture, movement, and breathing patterns that destabilize us, both physically and mentally, in daily life. Through this process, we become empowered to recognize, accept, and transform the habits which do not serve our health and life goals. In the TQH system, body practice is considered the foundation for spiritual growth.

Thai Qi Holistics’ principle education and rehabilitation center is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Grounded in Medical Qigong and Chinese medicine, its treatment programs offer tools to reclaim body-mind-spiritual health. Services include: health rehabilitation programs, holistic education courses, retreats, and instructor qualification courses for students and patients of all nationalities. It is the principle training center for TQH Instructors worldwide.


Ashley Baldwin is a Long Island native whose Taiwanese family roots have guided her towards a global approach to life. Feeling limited by the allopathic paradigms of health that did not support her own well-being, she decided to pursue a career that would allow her to provide sustained holistic health, both for herself and others. In 2015, she was introduced to the TQH system of Qigong, immediately drawn to its capacity to support individuals in their continued physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Witnessing her own health and empowerment develop, Ashley formally entered study under Qigong master and Chinese Medicine doctor Ajarn Toh, founder of the TQH system, in February 2016, moving her base to Chiang Mai, Thailand to train daily. Since then, she has established an international teaching presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and USA, and holds online sessions with students of various nationalities. She regularly teaches Qigong for senior health courses at Thailand’s Payap University and in her hometown of Port Washington, New York. 

Currently, Ashley is a Senior Instructor at Thai Qi Holistics center in Chiang Mai, Thailand; offers private and group instruction on Long Island, USA; and is involved in the development of holistic health education and empowerment programs, globally.

Ashley’s professional training includes TQH Qigong, Qi Massage therapy, and holistic diagnosis and treatment. She is a TQH Qualified Instructor under the Association of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, recognized for developing future doctors and therapists in Holistic Medicine.

She has yoga teacher certifications from Om Sweet Om in Port Washington, NY (200-hr), and in Advanced Integrative Yoga in the Darshan Method from the Darshan Center in Chicago, IL (500-hr). She holds a BA in English Literature from Oberlin College.

Ashley is proud to introduce the TQH system to the USA – starting with her home community.

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