TQH is global.

Thai Qi Holistics in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is the principle international center of the TQH system. Daily practice sessions, short courses, TQH Instructor training, and treatment/rehabilitation programs available. www.thaiqiholistics.org

UPDATE: May 4, 2020: Courses are postponed until further notice.

Qigong 氣功 : Immunity & Resilience

Thursdays, 9:30 – 11:00AM (GMT+7, Thailand)    May 7, 14, 21 

In this 3 week course, we will explore a sequence of Qigong movement and breathing exercises to strengthen the immune system, harness the lung’s ability to filter toxins and pollution, and cultivate good habits for physical balance and at-home safety. Throughout the course, progressive lectures will discuss the causes and conditions of chronic health ailments such as lung infections and allergies, in relation to Chinese Medicine theory.

Introduction to Meditation: Dealing with Unwanted Situations
Thursdays, 11:15AM – 12:00PM (GMT+7, Thailand)     May 7, 14, 21

In this course, we will use guided meditations to help us inquire into the nature of the human mind, especially during experiences of “crisis.” We will use a Buddhist, or “Law of Nature” approach, practicing Breath Awareness, identifying Positive and Negative States of Mind, and learning Discernment of Emotions as essential tools for helping us deal with unwanted situations. Beginners in meditation, as well as practitioners of all levels, are welcome.

For more information, visit https://thaiqiholistics.org/open-public-classes/.

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