Private Study

Private Session Packages

Private session packages are available for those who would like to treat specific health conditions and/or deepen their practice in the TQH system. Each customized program is tailored to suit the individual’s physical/mental condition, based upon personal consultation, and considers their gradual progress over time. Gentle, therapeutic Qi Massage may be applied to support the student’s healing progress and body understanding.

Students will address their individual conditions through in-depth Medical Qigong instruction starting with the Seven Static Exercises. Over time, additional exercises and Qigong forms may be provided for them to more precisely study the cause and effect of their physical and mental patterns, and to redirect negative patterns toward a state of optimal wellbeing and confidence.

For the benefit of the student, a 5 or 10 session minimum commitment is asked, as building body-mind awareness and gaining a greater understanding the body’s natural healing capacity must be a gradual process over time.

Private sessions are not currently available.

Online Sessions

Remote sessions are available for those who have studied the basic foundation of the practice, in-person, with a qualified TQH Instructor. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and is tailored to suit the student’s physical/mental condition.

For the benefit of the student, a minimum commitment of 5 sessions is asked, as continuous practice is required for both student and instructor to recognize, accept, and transform body-mind alignment towards a state of wellbeing.

Between sessions, the student is invited to strengthen their learning through offline support. Short practice videos and questions may be sent to the instructor, who will provide guidance between live sessions.

Online sessions are available.
Contact for inquiry.

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